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Rain Delay

Rain Delay, a well-known act from Serbia, release their third album 'Slumber Recon' via online label "SMP Music" as a free download.

The album 'Slumber Recon' is available for free download from this link: with physical cds available soon.

"Slumber Recon" is the title of the latest album from Rain Delay, with 7 original tracks and a cover version of "Nothing..." (The March Of Death). As the case was with their previous albums, Rain Delay once more time judging by genre's options communicate with post-hardcore and death/doom tendencies, as same as with another crossover variants, and also with the  presence of different styles as a nu jazz, neo classical, bossa nova... as well.

All songs written by guitarist and singer Dusan Pesic, excluding the song  "Hammer Pierced through the Central Square ", penned by guitarist Zeljko Zec.

Most of the songs are sung in english, with the band also singing in Serbian, Japanese and Venecian language as well, especialy for their fans in the Venecian region in Italy.

The band has co-operated with film producer Filip Cerovic for the first single from the album "Shiseido", and are currently working with him on the finishing touches of documentary movie about band, entitled "San Marco".

Tracklisting for  “Slumber Recon”

1 - The Medina Division Has Ceased to Exist
2 - Falling Asleep in Real Time
3 - Hummer Pierced through the Central Square
4 - Veneto Slumber Recon
5 - Selena
6 - Shiseido
7 - Par ti, San Marco
8 - Nothing... (The March of Death)

Rain Delay were formed during 2003, and have released 2 previous albums -  "As I Bequeth My Yesterday" (2005) and "We Firget" (2008).

Rain Delay are: Dusan Peric (guitar and vocals), Bojana Bianca Milosavljevic (vocals), Zeljko Zec (guitar), Stefan Radojkovic (bass), and Marko Chella Mrcanica (drums).

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