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Songs of Trees

Songs of Trees is the brainchild of producer Kevin Osborne.

He releases his debut single Only Road in late Sept. A chilled acoustic guitar / vocal track.

He releases his new single Only Road. A radical departure musically from a history built up in more commercial sounding music. Only Road is a chilled acoustic track highlighting a voice that has a fragility and edge of rawness but silky enough to lose you in the warmth of the soaring chorus, high class guitar work and fine musicianship.

Kevin (AKA Kayo, Kid-KO, James Peach) has been active in the music industry for around 15 years, his first success being in the late 90’s, writing, recording and producing solo artist “Georgie” who toured with boy band A1 in the UK. He then went on to work with the now defunct, Cosmopolitan Records on a number of projects including co-writing and producing the Darksyde album. Darksyde went on to record and tour with So Solid Crew.

He launched his label Sounds Unique in 2001 releasing a string of vinyl dance tracks and was prominent on the bootleg/white label scene with “Because” and “When Doves Collide”. He also enjoyed underground success as mash-up artist Kid-KO with titles such as “A Deeper Rigby” and “Shout to the Grapevine”, before going on to co-write Hardcore tracks for labels such as Central Station and Universal.

A self confessed “wearer of many hats”, Kevin has worked with numerous artists such as Fitzpain, Damian Jermaine and Jinian Wilde (Uniting Nations) as a writer, producer, session musician, session vocalist, engineer and re-mixer.


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