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Jon Gomm and the Domestic Science singles series

People say the internet has killed albums. Well Jon thought about that, and actually loves the idea of a return to the early days of recorded popular music, when people loved just one song at a time, really intensely. Or even to a time before that, when they bought the sheet music and learned to play it for themselves.

So, Jon has made some singles to be released in a series this Autumn, available by download only, and on a Pay What You Want basis – you can listen first for free, then choose what you think it's worth. Each song will also have accompanying guitar “tab" – both the proper semi-impossible Gomm arrangement, and a basic strum-along version too - so you can learnt to play it yourself if you like.

Or you can buy it in the form of a postcard, designed by Jon with paint, ink and canvas, hand addressed and posted to you with a code so you can download the track.

The songs were home-recorded by Jon, and each one has an accompanying video which has been produced by Jon’s fans, keen as always to get involved and help the cause.

A percentage of the sales of the single will be going to Jon's mum's charity The Happy House children's home for kids in Kenya, many of whom have been orphaned by Aids or malaria.

Jon Gomm

The first single, Passionflower is a beautifully uplifting track where Gomm’s blues and folk inflected vocals soar over the distortion drenched sound steel strings bending and retuning. The accompanying array of percussive cracks and bangs created on the body of his well worn guitar create an ethereal soundscape. Jon describes it as a song about personal growth inspired by a tropical plant which overgrew the whole of his little backyard in inner-city Leeds.

Passionflower blends technical virtuosity on the guitar with an earthy lyrical style to make an everyman anthem.

Future releases in the project will include an instrumental arrangement of a disco classic, a political call to arms, an overblown acoustic-prog meditation on obsession and a cover version of one of Jon’s favourite songs from his childhood.


Jon Gomm


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