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Suzerain return with their new album ‘Midnight In The Drawn City’ produced by Grammy award winner Steve Lyon (Depeche Mode, The Cure, Siouxsie Sioux) and proceeded by the blistering industrial strength remix of a single that is ‘A Hell Of A Way To Go (Apocalypse Disco) as a free download

‘Our aim is to produce the most danceable rock possible’ - Rich Suzerain

From the confines of a damp dark rehearsal studio under a strip club in Kingston to headlining the Angra Punkada Azores festival, Suzerain have come along way in a relatively short space of time. From being named the UK’s best alternative act at the INDY Awards to appearances at Wireless with Depeche Mode, Hamburg’s infamous Reeperbahn Festival, Munich’s NRJ Festival with the likes of Franz Ferdinand and Bloc Party, Suzerain are a band on a mission blowing audiences away with their own brand of Electro Punk New Wave Rock & Roll. This band were made for big stages.

With the hotly received debut EP ‘Apocalypse Disco’ already in the Suzerain arsenal, the single ‘What Happened’ took the lead where ‘Apocalypse Disco’ left you, waiting at the station for the next train to Suzerain. The album will draw you in and be pulsating in your brain with its blistering riffs, driving bass lines, industrial strength backbeats, a swathe of electronica new wave rock and roll for the lost generation with lyrics that will stay in your head forever and a day. With the utterly stupendous catchiness of the single ‘What Happened’ to the keyboard electronica driven sound of ‘Shark Bait’ to the neon apocalyptic sound of  ‘Leave It There’.

Already under the wing of Steve Lyon and previously having worked with Stephen Hague (Public Image Ltd., Siouxsie and The Banshees, New Order), these electro new wave punks are destined for much greater things!

A Hell Of A Way To Go (Apocalypse Disco) is taster of what is yet to come from Suzerain, and the forthcoming debut album ‘Midnight In The Drawn City’, is the soundtrack for survival in the 21st Century.

‘This band deserve to be absolute stars’ – Artrocker

‘High Octane New Wave rock delivered with aplomb’ – Subba-Cultcha

‘Probably the finest act we have seen since launching’ – Feedme

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