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IC1s debut single via Gary Powell (The Libertines, Dirty Pretty Things) new label 25 Hour Convenience Store.

Hand-picked by self-proclaimed fan, Oasis discoverer, Creation Records founder and all-round musical myth-maker Alan McGee to headline several showcases at his Greasy Lips club night. 
In just 12 months have shared stages with The Cribs, The Charlatans, Tinie Tempah, Proud Mary, Badly Drawn Boy, Calvin Harris, Bloc Party, Tim Burgess and many more playing all over London at venues such as The Scala, The Relentless Garage, The Barfly and the Station Sessions Festival at London St Pancras. The band were also invited to perform at Tim Burgess's own curated 'Friends Of Mine' festival in Manchester, picking up many a fan including Mani of the Stone Roses.

Last year’s 'Lowering the Tone Demo/EP' captured three of the songs that have been snaring audiences and generating management and label interest. Recently the band have penned a deal with the well sought after and experienced Richie Folkes (ex Creation Records). Richie's time at Creation reads like a modern who's who of the British music scene, managing bands such as The Libertines, Dirty Pretty Things, The Kills and The Charlatans, the band are now firmly placed in the perfect position moving forward, with Alan Mcgee's 'Fresh Milk PR'  joining the team to handle the bands press. The band have recently signed to Gary Powell (The Libertines) 25 Hour Convenience Store record label to release their debut single 'Levitate' out on 19th September.

Alan Mcgee (Creation Records) - "If you go see a new band go and see IC1s, they're brilliant & are post-everything. They know the time and year unlike most other new bands, this is 2011"

Gary Powell (The Libertines) - "After meeting IC1s and seeing obvious confidence exuding from their being it's easy to see that this is not a band of pomp and circumstance; they actually deliver in spades - an approach to live performance that's lacking in today's gig scene. Highly exciting to watch and thought provoking to listen to - but they've also an 'ace' in their deck, being that of lead singer Dan Coburn, who's street urchin-esque approach is contagious viewing, a must see for anyone who wants a real rock and roll band with attitude and ability."

Mark Beaumont (NME, The Times, The Guardian) - " A proper, no messing about rock band!"

Pete Donaldson (XFM, Absolute Radio) - ‎"They're a little bit Libertines, a little bit Ramones - but they're certainly 100% hundred percent London. Whack Jack must surely serve as a stomping, unifying crowdpleaser live. The punk rock chorus comes out of precisely nowhere and is the sort o thing the word 'tasty' was invented for"

Sarah Champion (Absolute Radio) - "Love the band name and love the track 'Not Perfect'. Indie pop rock with attitude; the main hook is particularly infectious"

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