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Black Casino and The Ghost


London based newcomers Black Casino & The Ghost are set to creep, like a spectre, into your consciousness over the coming months with the release of their debut EP Falling Into Pieces on November 14th.



With an un-containable list of influences, ranging from the female fronted sonic of Nancy Sinatra and PJ Harvey to classic artists such as Pink Floyd and Jeff Buckley, Falling Into Pieces happened as an uncontrolled self therapeutic outpouring for a bar-tending, customer-service haunted vocalist, Zoot.  while the rest of the EP demonstrates a cinematic, orchestral character, emotionally anarchic and more than a little tempestuous too.

Current live dates for Black Casino & The Ghost are as follows:

Oct 13 - The Bowery, Oxford Street London
Oct 20 - The Underbelly, London
Nov 8 - The Good Ship, London 
Nov 12 - Ginglik, London

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