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Showbizheroes single Sinner

Showbizheroes single Sinner
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“sinner is flipping brilliant!!!”
NME Radio

BBC Essex Introducing

“An excellent track from these upcoming heroes in the making….there's a great band on the verge here”
Annular Media

If you see them wearing scarf’s it’s because it’s cold and they're outside, sunglasses in areas without natural vitamin D isn’t tolerated and stints in rehab will not mark our success. 
Essex’s SHOWBIZHEROES strip away the bull*h*t delivering more hits than Ike Turner, more singles than and an album with more little beauties than a Miss Essex contest…

Sinner is the first offering from Showbizheroes and is taken from their upcoming debut album 'Tales From Behind The Curtain'. An album recorded, produced and mixed DIY styley in the drummers greenhouse. Even in the bands very short life a cult fan base is developing with 1000's of fans downloading their free EP ‘The Periodic Table Does Not Recognize The Element Of Surprise', which features Sinner and five other taster tracks from the  forthcoming album.

Forming in Feb ’10, the last 17 months have seen the band not only record an album and shoot their new video, but Nick, Dan, Austin & Jay have been relentlessly trying to open the doors to getting their music heard.
High on drive and low on cash they quickly realised that money opens doors not keys, so they changed tactics and started offering booze, fancy foods and sexual favours….the latter seemed to have the best take up rate but the guys quickly realised they were in fact being used, being promised a life of fame and riches but once they had had their way with them it all changed….
Feeling cheap, and 6 months of group therapy later, they borrowed a few hundred pounds and are now trying the ‘proper’ route in!

Sinner is available free from

“Are we about the reinvent the wheel? No.
Are we the next Beatles? No.
We write songs we like for the people who like them!” -  SHOWBIZHEROES – 2011

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