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Neil Taylor 'No Self Control'

Neil Taylor
No Self Control

Label - Hypertension-Music


Neil Taylor’s star is onlyjust beginning to shine in its own right, with its roots firmly planted in a career spanning three decades. As one of the UK's premier session guitarists, Neil has worked with an enviable array of artists, ranging from the likes of Robbie Williams, Tears For Fears, Rod Stewart, Natalie Imbruglia, Peter Gabriel and Tina Turner, to name a few.

For the past six years, Neil has been a Iynchpin in the Robbie Williams band, touring the world with him several times over. It is arguably this time spent touring with Robbie that turned Neil's mind to becoming an artist in his own right. "You end up thinking, what’s next? Surely it can't get any better than this!*' Neil adds. The highs and lows of this time in his life have helped to inspire his own music.

His new album, 'No Self Control', is a gritty hark back at his career to date, and to the future that is yet to come. 'No Self Control' is the title track from this record, one that has gained notable appreciation among fans and critics alike. The bluesy hues of 'Blood From A Stone' draws the listener down to the depths of the dirty south, tacking another string onto Taylor's musical bow. This collection of songs utilizes all of TayIor’s musical skill, masterfully combining rock, pop and blues throughout. Taylor collaborated with song writer Steve Torch to create this album, initially to create an instrumental guitar record. Torch subtly suggested that Taylor should sing, bringing to bear the contemporary, rocky record that you hear today.

Track List:
1. Don’t Drive My Car
2. Walk Away
3. Everybody Seems To Know My Name
4. Would You Love Me
5. Dream Machine
6. I Never Said
7. Heavy Grinder
8. Blood From A Stone
9. Rewriting History
10. Cocaine Blues
11. Here lt Comes
12. No Self Control


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