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‘Twenty Greatest Hits/Surfin in the Dark’

Released Nov 14th on Beat Atlas Records
Available via iTunes and all major download sites

Limozine’s new single ‘Twenty Greatest Hits’ is released with B side ‘Surfin In The Dark’. Limozine were first picked up by BBC6’s Tom Robinson who has regulary featured the band on his Fresh on the Net show; their last single ‘Deep Fried Love' received multiple plays on his show. Their second single ‘You Da Boss' received multiple plays by Gideon Coe on BBC6 Music and was chosen for the A list on Total Rock Radio who in May invited the band for interview and acoustic session. The single was also featured on the 'Classic Rock Jukebox' in Classic Rock magazine.

Limozine are a Rock ‘n’ Roll band based in West London inspired by The Cramps and The Stooges and have released two albums both to rave reviews - Car Crash Casino in 2007 and Evil Love in 2010.
Their third album ‘Full Service’ is released March 2012.

“Primitive to the point of retardation, but in a good way”
Classic Rock
“A great sound”
Tom Robinson BBC6
“Think The Cramps, Ramones, ‘Stones – you’re along the right track”
Pure Rock.Com
“Low down, dirty, scuzzy rock ‘n’ roll”
“Some bands just have it. Limozine are one of them”
“Booze-filled vocals screaming about life, chicks and kicks”
The Music Fix
“Short sharp shots of adrenaline-fuelled songs"
Room Thirteen
“About as dumb as Rock ‘n’ Roll gets"
“My favourite band of the last year”
Paul B Edwards, Punky Radio
“Fast and Furious...ten blistering tracks in just over twenty-six minutes”
Loud Horizon

Limozine have received a wealth of support from national, regional, online and student radio stations including Punky Radio, Recharged Radio and the new music shows on BFBS Worldwide Radio, who also invited the band for interview. Limozine have been featured in Distorted Magazine, appeared live on London’s Balcony TV and were chosen to feature on Best of Myspace, to name but a few.

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