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Roses Kings Castles

‘neat, lovelorn lo-fi pop’

‘adventurous, well crafted pop from ex-Babyshambler, Ficek displays an understanding of classic songwriting, a clever turn of phrase and the confidence to take risks’

Roses Kings Castles was first conceived in 2007, originally intended as an underground platform for Adam Ficek to air the songs that were too 'odd pop' for his band Babyshambles.

The initial eponymously titled album was released in 2008 on Adamʼs own label ʻThe Sycamore clubʼ receiving cult critical acclaim, this was followed by the ‘Apples & Engines’ EP and a second long played ‘Suburban Timebomb’ which saw the band explore the possibilities of working as a six piece.

'British Plastic', album number three and Ficek’s strongest offering to date, draws upon the brash guitar of classic British acts underpinned with weighty sonics; an aural scuffle between The Buzzcocks and The Beta Band’s resurgent hero Steve Mason. The album’s big production was actually recorded in Adam's makeshift home studio, in the aftermath of breaking from Babyshambles. A multi-instrumentalist, Adam played all the instruments on the record himself, except for lead guitar, to which he drafted in fellow band mate Patrick Walden. RKC have crafted a gritty piece of quixotic pop underpinned with a far greater sonic prowess than heard on previous releases.

Ficek said: 'I wanted to make something that had the raw power of the stuff I was hearing and DJing in the clubs, yet still incorporated the ragged guitars and songwriting of British beat music. When Babyshambles ended I put the small amount of money I had into creating a humble space giving me the freedom to create the music that was in my head, I spent a long time in a grimy garage learning how to record, produce and stop the damp from permeating my lungs.’

The freshly abbreviated RKC have already had great airplay for “Here Comes The Summer” from Marc Riley, Clint Boon and Tom Robinson. They will release the album on 5th December with a single and an album highlight, “Kittens Become Cats”, to precede on October 31st. Ficek and the band will also tour the UK and Europe in support of the release.


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