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Djanan Turan UK debut EP ‘Artigo’

Turkish born artist Djanan Turan releases her UK debut EP ‘Artigo’.

A beautiful collection of poignant and exhilarating songs, co-produced with London-based producer/drummer Tansay Omar (Bjork, Lokkhi Terra, Smoke City) and featuring  contributions from various musicians from the London underground including Raz Olsher (ZeJ / Fossil Studios), Sam Ritchie, (Sam and the Womp)  Paul Tkachenko (Shekoyah) and Ernesto Estruch, (Ska Cubano).

This collection of 4 tracks with a bonus Turkish track (Cikis Var), is a hypnotic and sometimes spellbinding blend of catchy ‘pop’ hooks with a deeper more sincere lyrical harmony. Cynical and optimistic, and sometimes deeply comedic, the tracks sit perfectly together as a unique collection of kooky and playful songs. Bonus track Cikis Var, (There’s an Exit) her Turkish single of 2011 is a very different addition to the EP, lifting the mood with it’s bolshy, Balkan skank and full orchestra of brass and strings, perfect for the DJ’s out there on the electro-global scene.

Djanan’s live CV is equally impressive with appearances already chalked up at Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, World London Festival in Queen Elizabeth Hall, The Rollright Fayre, and Playgroup as well as numerous live appearances around Europe.

"She has an amazing song writing ability that is instantly infectious and only grows ever more intriguing over time." DJ CousCous (Lizard Stage)

Arriving in the UK, Djanan studied singing, harmony and composition with Timur Selcuk who is an acclaimed Turkish composer/conductor/singer. She quickly got involved with the global club music scene and began performing and collaborating with various UK based bands such as Oojami, Gillbert , Awale, Sam and The Womp and Voices of Nature and with the Nabiz Project of Istanbul based percussionist Engin Gurkey.

She has recently completed a small tour of her native Turkey, performing a mixture of her Turkish and English songs. Djanan also featured in Mike Figgis’s London Documentary which was shown in Trafalgar Square for the closing of the London Film Festival and as also appeared as a special guest on DJ Ritu’s BBC Radio ‘World in London’ music show. She has also composed and recorded music with Max Ringham, in collaboration with Layla Roza, a London based curator and trapeze artist for her various shows such as What If and Shake. She have performed for the show she has directed with Circus Space for the closing show of St Magnus Festival.


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