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The Black Stars (launching Dec 2011)


As a taster for their forthcoming debut album, “Last Train To Babylon”, the band's download only single is a double whammy of high octane rock'n'roll. Lead track “Rockstar” is a call to arms with an in-your-face machine gun riff and a hook laden chorus that is enough to make anyone want to pick up a guitar and run towards the big city lights.
Second track “Read My Lips” is already a firm fan favourite thanks to an early demo version circulating the internet. Now transformed into a sleazy saxophone-infused rocker that hints at the band's old school influences while still hitting you hard and ensuring that anyone who hears the song will struggle to get it out of their heads for many months to come. Two sides of the same coin...

The Black Stars are :
Steve Vincent: Lead Vocals & Harmonica
Randy Feline: Guitars & Backing Vocals
Danny LeVay: Guitars & Backing Vocals
Kirk Wells: Drums & Backing Vocals
PeteR.I.P. Draper: Bass & Backing Vocals

Remember when rockstars were larger than life? When they walked the walk and talked the talk, when the glamour and visceral thrill of rock'n'roll was an escape from the harsh reality of daily life? Well now is the time for a return to such times and The Black Stars are here to prove that the Scandinavians don't have all the aces....
Fueled by everything from Little Richard through The Ramones via Sunset Strip 80s Metal and the more up to date purveyors of hard hitting rock'n'roll such as Hardcore Superstar, The Black Stars are set to bring back the thrills and excitement which have become so rare in the music world today.

Formed by a veteran of the UK rock scene, Steve Vincent, the road to rock'n'roll babylon has not always been smooth for The Black Stars. After several false starts and a revolving door of band members, the current line-up came together in early Summer 2011. As Steve explains, “I've never exactly hidden what the band is all about, but certain past members seemed to completely miss the point...this is just hard hitting, in-your-face rock'n'roll, it's not about some secret agenda or massive political message, The Black Stars is all about escaping from the day to day grind.” And one listen to their songs proves that.

Expect fun, expect a party, expect a good time all the time...just don't expect predictable, because when this ten-legged rock'n'roll monster enters your world, anything can happen.

You can see the band live on the following dates :

Dec 14 - Wakefield, Snooty Fox
Dec 15  - Manchester, Retro Bar
Dec 16  - London, Fiddlers Elbow


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