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The Lancashire Hotpots new single - Released 28th Nov on Townsend Records
A: I’ll ‘Ave One Wi’ Yer
B: The Technical Support Song



The Lancashire Hotpots’ (The “Mumford & Puns” of the NW) new single is “I’ll ‘Ave One Wi’ Yer”; a remixed version of a track taken from their 5th studio album, the U2 inspired “Achtung Gravy”. This booze soaked serenade celebrates that unfortunate pub goer, the one who has to buys the round of drinks! The single comes complete with a brand new B side “The Technical Support Song”.

I’ll ‘Ave One Wi’ Yer was selected from the album by, amongst many others, BBC6 Music’s Steve Lamacq and Chris Hawkins to support its release this summer. The Technical Support Song sees the band return to their sing along sillyness, a sound which they became nationally known for and being hailed as “Masters of Parody” (The Guardian).

The band have recently teamed up with Fiddlers Lancashire Crisps based in Ormskirk, Lancs to promote their range of farm cooked crisps. “It’s a dream come true” says lead singer Bernard. “Some singers dream of playing Wembley Stadium, I’ve dreamt of getting free crisps for life. It’s a match made in heaven.!”

“They are as mad as a box of frogs and long may they stay that way”
Annular Media

“Genuine wonderful comedy….they really are the best comedy band on the circuit.”
Music News

“You won’t find another band like this, I promise!”
BBC R2 Steve Lamacq

”One of my most enjoyable gigs of the year”
Steve Lamacq –
BBC 6 Music Glastonbury live review

“Only in Britain could you have something so cheerily funny as the Lancashire Hotpots, and you can chalk that up as another point on the list of what makes this country so great”.
Totally Vivid

“It’s impossible not to giggle”
BBC Music Reviews

“Parody tunes that leave you chuckling…the perfect antidote to the modern disease of cynicism….great comedy to brighten your day!”
5/5 Skiddle

“The group is a collection of expert songwriters in the parody genre….how talented these guys are…superb.
The UK’s premier parodic musical act.”
The Line of Best Fit

Totally bonkers! But that’s what we love about them….pure genius.”
Room Thirteen

From the band that brought the world rebel rousing anthems such as “Chippy Tea” and “He’s Turned Emo”, their Achtung Gravy album this year saw the five piece return to their folk roots continuing their Northern look at life set to some of the catchiest melodies around. It’s a winning formula full of laughs and lager delivered in a way that only the Hotpots can.

The Hotpots headlined the Croissant Neuf stage at this year’s Glastonbury festival with their “Say No To Bono” campaign at the same time as U2 took to the Pyramid stage.
Having been one of Steve Lamacq’s Glastonbury favourites in 2009, this was the bands 2nd appearance at the festival in 3 years. This alone is an indication that the band are a firm festival fixture at the top of their game.

Festival appearances this year have included amongst others Kendal Calling, Beat-Herder, Southport Rocks, Off The Tracks, Glastonbury and Silloth Music and Beer Festival, with support also to Ade Edmondson and The Bad Shepherds.

Remaining 2011 tour dates are:
3rd Dec @ Club Academy, Manchester
10th Dec @ The Plug, Sheffield
17th Dec @ 53 Degrees, Preston
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