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Paul Child Band

'The Same' the debut single from Paul Child Band,
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Paul Child Band is an English folk-rock band. They will be releasing their official EP “Runaway. Relax. Resign." Early in 2012, which features their Debut Single "The Same".



Paul Child Band is:
Tommy Bates, Fionn Brewer, Paul Child, Kait Farbon and Damien Langkamer. Formed from the creative mind of singer/songwriter Paul Child brings a unique musical experience blending meaningful lyrics, catchy melodies and inventive musicianship. The band's sound seems to be neither mainstream nor alternative but something a little different. Each song has layers of depth from the delicate picks of violin, banjo and acoustic guitar supported by melodic piano keys, to the deeper rhythmic undertones of bass guitar and drums. That combined with the eclectic influences of rock, folk, funk and jazz, gives their music a unique intensity. Audiences are captivated by Paul's distinctive vocals and emotive song-writing style and also by the natural harmonic groove-based support of the whole band.

Paul Child Band is an act with a tight stage dynamic and a hand-clapping/foot-stomping sound, creating a live experience that resonates with you long after you leave. Throughout 2012, Paul Child Band will be performing at various venues across the UK and Europe.


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