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The official release of the download only single release of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ by Hussey-Regan (Wayne Hussey of The Mission and Julianne Regan from All About Eve) is now available.

All proceeds go to the Liverpool Football Club charity ‘Respect For All’.

Hussey-Regan - ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’

If you’re in the UK you can text ‘track LFC’ to 8018 and you’ll receive a download code with which you can download the track. Texts only cost £1 which goes to the charity. And from Monday 28th it will be available at all digital outlets.

This release is the brainchild of 6 Music DJ Chris Hawkins and it is just one in a series of singles all being released on the same day by musician supporters of various football clubs who have all recorded their team's anthems. Other clubs involved include Chelsea, Manchester City, and Arsenal. All releases are for charities affiliated to their respective clubs.
It's gonna be a race to see who can top this premier league!

Anyway, Chris managed to persuade Wayne Hussey away from his hammock at his home in Brazil to say a few words regarding this release.

Wayne: “Well, it’s no secret that I’m a life time Red and when I was asked if I could do a version of YNWA for this LFC nominated charity I, of course, jumped at the chance. I'd been playing it at home on the piano for years but never thought I'd get the opportunity to record it, I just needed a good excuse and this was it. It’s obviously a song that means a lot to me because of it’s long association with LFC but if you can forget that association and any prejudice you may have because of it then it’s easy to hear that this song is truly a wonderful song. It has a very uplifting lyric, with a chord sequence and melody to swoon for. Of course there have already been many very different versions of the song over the years, some good and some not so, but Julianne and I did try to do something a little different with it and I think we succeeded.

And of course I love the fact that it is for a local charity and will benefit disabled kids in Liverpool that want to participate in sports. I was at the recent home game with Wolves and they had some of these kids come out onto the pitch and have a penalty shoot out at the Kop End at half time and as well as entertaining, and amusing, the supporters you could see the obvious joy on the kids faces from even right back on the Kop. And if Julianne and I can help, if only a little, then to see smiles on kids faces is more than worth it."

Full team line up is :
Ben Dalby – Whole World in our Hands – Nottingham Forest FC
Red Brick Walls – Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You – Fulham FC
Cynic Guru – Delilah – Stoke FC
Moonshot – Can’t Smile Without You – Tottenahm FC
Isaacs Aircraft – Go West – Arsenal
Issy Ferris – Those Were the Days – Wolverhampton Wanderers FC
Tom Moriarty – Singing the Blues – Sheffield Wednesday FC
Carla May – Annie’s Song – Sheffield United FC
Hussey - Regan – Never Walk Alone – Liverpool FC
The Travelling Band – Blue Moon – Manchester City FC
The Lights – Sunshine on Leith – Hibernian FC
Super Sub :  Phil Daniels & The Cockney Alarm – Blue is the Colour – Chelsea FC


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