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Ic1s to release Christmas charity single for Shelter

Ic1s release single "Karma (It's On Your Side)" on Monday December 19th with all profits going directly to Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity.



The band believe that at this time of year it's about giving something back and helping those people out there who are less fortunate.

As Jesse James, explains "People are faced with losing their home every single day in any given town or city; if you open your eyes it's right in front of you. Christmas is the perfect time to show some goodwill and help out. Shelter does sterling work and we are proud to be supporting them"

Every two minutes someone in Britain faces losing their home. The money raised from the single will go towards Shelter‟s vital advice services, which will be there to help anyone who faces losing their home this Christmas.

The track will be released on 25th Hour Convenience Store, the independent label belonging to Libertine‟s man, Gary Powell.

Gary says “The IC1s have an individual swagger that has been missed by many a fan in the industry and the track Karma (it's on your side) further exemplifies their ability to keep up with their contemporaries with a great vocal and powerful rock and roll. Supporting Shelter is a perfect fit, as the band also now has the ability to show that although they have meager gains, there is always a cause worth fighting for so hats off to them for taking the higher ground at a time where everyone in the industry is mainly thinking of themselves!”

"Karma (It‟s On your Side)" is the bands second release coming after the debut single „Levitate‟ which saw a massive success as the 2nd most downloaded new entry in the ITunes Alternative Singles Chart in its week of entry, which resulted in a peak at #24 in a singles chart dominated predominantly by former high charting hits from acts such as Kings Of Leon, Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys and many, many more.

A firm favourite of Oasis discoverer and Creation Records founder Alan McGee who has been a strong supporter of the band from the start and since then - just a mere 14 months - have shared stages with The Cribs, The Charlatans, Tinie Tempah, Proud Mary, Badly Drawn Boy, Calvin Harris, Bloc Party, Tim Burgess and many more.

Alan McGee says “They remind me of The Who during the Tommy period meeting punk rock. I have known Daniel the singer for 6 years and its great seeing him become great musically over the years. It‟s a tune!”

A highlight for band this was when invited to perform at Tim Burgess's personally curated 'Friends Of Mine' festival in Manchester, expanding the fan base to include Mani of the Stone Roses, who after exclaimed that he “fucking loved it” and since rumours have been circulating over the web that Ic1s will be one of the bands to support the Stones Roses in 2012.

Pete Donaldson (XFM) - "They're a little bit Libertines, a little bit Ramones - but they're certainly 100% hundred percent London. Whack Jack must surely serve as a stomping, unifying crowd pleaser live. The punk rock chorus comes out of precisely nowhere and is the sort of thing the word 'tasty' was invented for"

Sarah Champion (Absolute Radio) - "Love the band and name…Indie pop rock with attitude, particularly infectious!"

Mark Beaumont (NME, The Times, The Guardian) - "A proper, no messing about rock band!"

Ic1s to release Christmas charity single for Shelter


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