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Anita Skorgan ‘Adventus’ Special Edition

Anita Skorgan ‘Adventus’ Special Edition

Out now on 'Thru The Mill' records

Once in a while a musical rarity will emerge that effortlessly creates a stir with no great marketing or PR spin. That is exactly what happened when Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine played ‘Is It True’ by Norwegian singer Anita Skorgan on his mid-morning show.
The reaction to her ethereal music was instant; the station was inundated with calls and texts and Amazon reported more than 500 orders of Anita’s fourteenth album ‘Adventus’, her first to be made available in the UK. A household name and superstar in her homeland of Norway, in the UK Anita was still unknown. A live session on Jeremy Vine’s show elicited a similar reaction and Anita started to believe that Britain would welcome her pure and atmospheric sound.

This special edition release of ‘Adventus’ gives listeners a whole new experience of the album. The record includes the first live recording of ‘The Miracle In Me’ which took place at the NRK Studios in Oslo. ‘The Loved One’ is a brand new song that has been added and a second version of ‘Is It True’ recorded with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra now features as a bonus track. Also, as requested by fans a revised album inlay with more lyrics has been incorporated.

At fifty-two years old Anita has carved a very colourful career for herself ranging from pop and classical to folk and, more recently, jazz. She has recently sold out ninety-two gigs across Norway playing shows to her ever-growing fan base over the course of two years. In her earlier years as a performer she sang at the Eurovision Song Contest five times winning the competition for Norway with a track titled ‘Casanova’ in 1977.

‘Adventus’ sees Anita discover her “serious side.” Following a pop career she has gone back to her more classical roots and created an album that is close to her heart. Recorded in Helgerud Church situated just outside Oslo, where “the acoustics are second-to-none” and recording in such an inspirational building has resulted in an album that resonates with the spiritual elements Anita believes in. This is her first album that is predominantly English in language and, without any previous exposure in the UK, the album has struck a chord with those that have come across it.

Each track on ‘Adventus’ has a strong message but Anita believes her music should be interpreted in anyway her listeners feel it should be. Anita talks about ‘Miracle In Me’. “ The mother in this lyric is telling her child that she will still be near. She will just be a breath away, and be present in nature`s circle, in the falling leaves and the morning dew. The child will also be a part of her, as her inner miracle, forever. However this song can also be interpreted the other way, for mothers who have lost their children to remember how much they will still be near to them and what a miracle it was to have carried them and given birth in the first place.”

Maintaining a pop career is no mean feat and Anita has successfully released fourteen pop albums. As a multitalented musician she has composed and written songs for various artists but her primary love is the piano. She made her debut performance as a concert pianist when she was fourteen years old. Anita has also revolutionised the kind of music that is accepted within churches in Norway. She began by performing at Christmas concerts twenty-one years ago, until then a pop artist performing songs in a church was unheard of. Throughout the years the concerts have become more popular and she has consistently played in churches around Norway resulting in sell-out tours.

No stranger to singing in front of an audience Anita sang in her school choir in Gothenburg at the age of seven. This soon led to bigger things; ever ambitious, when she moved to Oslo she auditioned for a choir that the NRK (equivalent to the BBC in Norway) were putting together. She was one of four girls picked from five hundred the NRK choir appeared on a number of TV programmes. Already in the public eye Anita then began to compete against other classical pianists in competitions resulting in a string of victories. Spending her whole life singing, playing piano and composing Anita has not shied away from being experimental which is why she has such a unique musical background. Few artists can boast of the releases and live performances Anita has had.

Now, an idolised musician Anita has carved her name amongst many aspiring pop stars, classical pianists and composers. Crossing over genres it not something that can be easily achieved yet Anita has shown that it can be done. Now, a full UK release is being given to ‘Adventus’, a heart warming and hopeful record that showcases the natural talent of an inspiring individual.

Track listing:
Is It True
The Loved One
Stille Natt (Silent Night)
Kyrie Elieson (Lord Have Mercy)
Marias Guttebarn (original hit from Anita’s Norwegian Christmas album ‘Julenatt’)
Et Lite Barn
The Little Road To Bethlehem (lyrics were written in 1936 by Margaret Rose and set to music in 1945 by Michael Head).
Come With Me Again
Den Fattige Good (The Poor God)
Be Though My Vision
Pie Jesu (Lyrics set to music by Andrew Lloyd Webber)
Is It True (New version with strings and percussion)


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