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The Lights, new single

The Lights who released their eagerly anticipated debut album Teenager of the Century in Oct 2011 to roaring success annoounce a new single 'The days don't get me far enough away'.

The album was the culmination of a two year development, which has seen the band hone the album and deliver a smash of a debut album. With Totally Vivid saying "The Lights' debut album is a real statement of quality" and having been Played and been in session on Q Radio

Produced by renowned producer Gavin Monaghan (Travis, Editors & Kings of Leon) the album is a stunning mix of light and shade. It sees the band shake off their indie shackles, roaming into folk fields and all underpinned by treacle smooth harmonies and the expertise of five musicians who intertwine effortlessly.

… this band is about ready to explode’
Indie London

‘Think the Beautiful South mixed with elements of The Magic Numbers and a sprinkle of Elvis Costello. Singers Shaun Kelly and Liz Shiels’ voices complement each other perfectly and their vocal harmonies are totally infectious.’
Shout 4 Music

The last twelve months have seen the band ping on to the media radio with more and more regularity. BFBS Radio were among the bands first supporters before they quickly became firm favourites with Radio 2’s Janice Long and Q Radio’s Caroline Beavon with the band playing live sets on both national stations.

The Lights consist of five bright-eyed individuals with the heart and determination to take their music to the masses. Their sound is like nobody else and if you think you have heard that PR line before, we challenge you to spin the album and make up your own mind. Unique, eclectic and intimately epic and descriptive words that could light the backdrop to their stunning live sets. A melding of five creative minds to produce an array of unique sounds, ranging from soft and passionate to loud staggering moments, they've perfectly blended each other's influences and abilities to create one magnetic and appealing force.

‘…they are a challenge to pigeonhole. Imagine Elvis Costello writing lyrics for ELO’

'Belle and Sebastian if they’d been raised on the Eagles rather than the Velvet Underground'

Last year saw The Lights gig extensively and word spread to promoters. This year has included a handful of festivals on the live calendar including Strummerville, Raglan Festival, Birmingham Artsfest and the Nelson Mandela Festival. The band also chalked up numerous radio play around the UK from regional BBC Shows.

Industry interest is growing in the band and Teenager of the Century unveiled one of the brightest new band to arrive on the UK music scene.


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