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Full Time Hobby, Split single

Clap / Parabolic Delusions
Split single released 5 March 2012 on Full Time Hobby

The indie label responsible for brilliant 2011 albums from The Leisure Society, Timber Timbre, Erland & The Carnival and more, Full Time Hobby have plenty up their sleeves for 2012 too.

In March, they release a double-sided split 7” featuring cuts from their two brand-new international signings, Pinkunoizu and Hooded Fang.

On the one side, Hooded Fang’s Clap is a garage rock riot with surf guitars, ‘verbed-out vocals and danceable ‘60s drum breaks. “It’s a song about one of those single life encounters – just drunken memories really,” say the four piece Polaris-nominated band, who hail from Toronto, Canada. Hooded Fang’s brilliant debut album is titled Tosta Mista; it sounds like the whole of the Nuggets box set condensed into 23 minutes and it’s set for a 12 March release.

Early praise:

The Jesus And The Mary Chain in surf shirts”
“the perfect Sixties pop of the Beach Boys with the raw edge of garage punk”
The Times

“The Strokes-covering Cults-isms”
“clean, bright, indie pop mixed with ‘60s garage… likely to promote spontaneous bouts of dancing”
Loud And Quiet


On the other side of the vinyl, Pinkunoizu’s Parabolic Delusions is an unpredictable, involved but nonetheless ear-friendly listen that establishes deep, immersive grooves. “This here must be the most poppy piece of music we have ever done,” say the experimental Copenhagen and Berlin-based band, who release their debut album, Free Time!, on 26 March.

“Sometimes it's great fun to contrast harsh dystrophic outlooks on the world with jolly dance music. This is such a moment for us.”


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