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Elvis Jackson new single and UK tour dates!/ElvisJackson

ELVIS JACKSON return to the UK for Spring 2012 tour and new single ‘This Time’

After their successful first UK concert tour in October 2011, Elvis Jackson will return to our shores in March 2012, this time for a total of 14 dates.

Taking place from 15th to 31st March 2012. In addition to the concert in London, the concerts in Dover, Leeds, Derby, Basingstoke, Hastings, York, Southampton, Huddersfield, Bristol, and Birmingham have been confirmed.

Slovenia’s leading punk rock band continue to attracted large audiences at home and abroad. In addition to their spectacular performance in KRIZANKE in Ljubljana (2.500 people), they performed at well-known European festivals, such as the T-MOBILE IN MUSIC festival in Zagreb (Croatia), DUNAUINSELFEST in Vienna (Austria) and SZIGET festival in Hungary. Their tours in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic and England attracted a great attention of the foreign audience. The fact that at the end of 2011 Elvis Jackson was awarded the Best Group and the Best Rock Group of the Year Award by the readers and listeners here at Somojo Magazine, shows that the group is becoming increasingly popular also in Great Britain.

Full UK Dates:

15 March 2012 (UK) DOVER/ Priory Hotel
16 March 2012 (UK) HASTINGS/ Tubman
17 March 2012 (UK) BASINGSTOKE/ Sanctuary
18 March 2012 (UK) SOUTHAMPTON/ Radio Station (acoustic set and interview)
21 March 2012 (UK) LONDON/ The Purple Turtle
22 March 2012 (UK) PETERBOROUGH/ Met Lounge
23 March 2012 (UK) DERBY/ Old Bell         
24 March 2012 (UK) LEEDS/ The Cockpit /+ Mr Shiraz
25 March 2012 (UK) HUDDERSFIELD/ Parish / + Mr Shiraz
27 March 2012 (UK) YORK/ Stereo / Mr Shiraz
29 March 2012 (UK) BRISTOL/ Tunnel
30 March 2012 (UK) BIRMINGHAM/ Vudu
31 March 2012 (UK) SOUTHAMPTON/ The Hobbit

The March 2012 tour will coincide with the release of the single “This Time”, that looks set to do well at UK rock radio stations.

Talking of their upcoming tour, the band said;

“Our tour in the UK in October was the first time we performed in the UK. We had no expectations at all. We played seven gigs and were really surprised to get such a positive response. The tour was truly a great experience. We realised that it's totally different from other parts in Europe, where we play quite often. We are very glad to be asked to return and can’t wait to tour in March 2012. We will try to come back again and again, and please, spread the news that Elvis Jackson are coming to party & rock the house again!”

Media partner of the tour is the Big Cheese Magazine, while the distribution of all Elvis Jackson releases in Great Britain will be taken care for by the Code 7 distribution company. You will be able to find the album “Against The Gravity” in the shops in Great Britain from 30 January 2012.

There's echoes of early Offspring and Blink 182, EJ are band with such positive music and the wide-eyed self confidence to carry it off to a chance of success.

EJ have a knack for writing particularly catchy songs that transcend various genres. If FNM, Pennywise and Devildriver had kids.. well, you get the idea


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