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Sharliza Jelita new single 'Claustrophobia'!/sharliza

Sharliza Jelita new single 'Claustrophobia'
Release date Feb 27th 2012 on Headtones

The enigmatic Sharliza Jelita returns this February 27th with her brand new "eclectro" pop single ‘Claustrophobia’. The follow up to 2011’s ‘No Go Pogo’ and ‘Is That Your Underwear On The Floor?’, this single marks the third release to be taken from her forthcoming album Strange Things.

Sharliza's life is one furnished with events that have served as a rich pallet of inspiration. This traverses a cross-cultural discovery after being orphaned at 15, independently experimenting with different countries, lifestyles and people. Her varied experience and eccentric outlook on life makes for observational songwriting with a sense of humour that goes beyond the usual pop song topics of partying, misguided arrogance and sex. Claustrophobia is about living an anonymous, monotonous life in a dirty city and wanting to leave, if not for money and distracting computer games.

It was the likes of Duran Duran, Suede and Radiohead that drew Sharliza Jelita to UK shores. She fronted a band called the Rrrs and quickly became guitarist in the electro-pop collective Death Metal Disco Scene (featured in Dorian Lynskey’s First Sight feature in The Guardian). Sharliza’s own solo work owes more to the influence of Hot Chip, Stereolab and the flamboyance of Janelle Monae.

Now based in London, her live performances are what draw in the crowds, regularly throwing in all manner of theatrical props from mechanical rabbits, feathers and flying fridge magnets, which have led to it being described as ‘Hot Chip meets Sesame Street’.

Sharliza's quirkiness, steely determination and positivity underscores all that she does.
Call it what you like - it’s simply great pop music.

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