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Frostize debut single!/Frostize

Frostize releases his debut single "Let It Go" in March.

Michael Isiguzo (born 16 June 1987) is a swagging fresh UK artist originally from the East End of London in Beckton. Frostize formerly went by the artist name “Frost-Boy” because he was always seen in the latest garments and as he got older this same association with his character developed into the name Frostize- a combination of Frost and an abbreviation of his surname Isiguzo. Much of Frostize’s music is inspired by R’n’B rap, containing a running essence of the new-skool boy American sound.

‘I have always known I was very capable of applying my energy into something I appreciated. Music is something that I enjoy listening to and LOVE making’

Currently Frostize is working on an EP called “I’ll date a fan” with 9 songs written by himself. The 24 year old also releases his debut single “Let It Go” to accompany the new material as well as doing interviews and features in urban genre magazines in support of the EP. “I’m excited to get my stuff out there, it’s for everybody not just one person, my songs can be listened to in the bath or a club” says Frostize.  The release of the debut single “Let it go” looks set to establish Frostize on the Urban map.

Frostize started in Wise Guys 2006 an underground hip-hop/rap group with three UK rappers including himself, brother Jermaine “Docs” Isiguzo and long-time friend Ephraim “Inchman” Tukei. Late 2007, they comprised a mix tape “Call it what you want” and personally distributed 1,000 copies for free on car windows after raves in and around the London night club scene. A video directed by Mo Ali for Wise Guys’ first single “Take a Trip” released 2007 on YouTube received over 25,000 views followed by a further 10,000 views for the groups rap video freestyles. A wave of great response hit home from the mixtape with many people calling up from different areas. Due to certain changes in member’s lives, the group have not chosen to release any new material since 2009.

However, Frostize’s music career has taken an upward curve ever since. Six months from summer 2011, still having a passion for music Frostize decided to approach a new avenue in his music career- as a solo artist creating the song “Let it go” (2012). It is described as having a very “commercial edge” Lander PR. For the purpose of performance’s later to come, Frostize called upon a friend Maxx (singer/songwriter). Together they recorded a remix mix tape “Fans first money second” 2011 to download for free. Top favourites from the duet on the EP “I’ll date a fan” include “The Game” and “Material Girl”. For the rest of the EP Frostize is working closely with Tinchy Stryders friend and “Ruff Squad” group member “Rapid”. “Overall his music is a quality of high standard” says Deuces Management.


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