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Don't Panic Jon Gomm

Don’t Panic is the follow up to debut album Hypertension, released way back in December 2003.

Why the long wait?
"I made the first record shortly after I’d put together a solo acoustic set and wanted to start touring: it was just a demo to get gigs. I made it a full length album because back then the gig fee was barely covering my petrol money, and I needed something to sell!"
This plan worked a little too well, and Gomm has been touring hard ever since, taking his unique brand of virtuosic acoustic guitar-playing to prestigious festivals around Europe and a punishing tour schedule centred around the UK and Italy, and a new album has had to wait. The new CD features stronger songs, showcasing Jon’s genuine grasp of a wide range of genres from blues to jazz to rock to country, which comes from his lifelong experience as a session musician and musical academic. Throw in some Urdu lyrics and you’re getting the picture – a one man melting pot. The songs range from dark laments, to sweet melodies, to frenzied romps and there’s even elements of the humour for which Jon’s live shows are renowned.
The guitar playing here is perhaps even more technically demanding than the previous CD too:
“Every time I arrange a new guitar part I make sure I can’t play it without practice. I love the technical aspect as much as the creative process of songwriting, although they are very much separate affairs.”
And as with the debut album, there are no overdubs here, although it may sound like it: there is never more than one guitar on every track.
Jon’s fiercely independent approach to the music industry has meant that the CD was home recorded and is released on the label he owns, which will be launching releases by other artists - including a Grammy winner - in 2010.
Record Label: Performing Chimp Records
Cat no: PCCD006
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