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The Sunpilots – ‘King of the Sugarcoated Tongues’
Released 27th April on Honeytrap Records

The Sunpilots are no ordinary band. From the shores of Australia to their new found spiritual home of Berlin, this band could safely win the title of the one of the hardest working bands in Europe. With a fan base as loyal as the Deadheads, The Sunpilots bring their own spin on stoner desert rock (think Kyuss, QOTSA, Trail Of Dead moulded with insurmountable energy) to the masses with their new album ’King of the Sugarcoated Tongues’.

’King of the Sugarcoated Tongues’ is a new take on the traditional concept album, delivered in 8 chapters (8 tracks if you will). Each chapter will be available weekly as a free download beginning March 2nd building up to the full album release on April 27th (both in online stores and as a free download). This is an album as diverse as it is a remarkable break from the conventional release and will win over new fans as well as old.

With plaudits far and wide from Australia to North America including ‘Best International Artist’ at Canada’s Independent Music Awards and ‘Single of the Year’ at the LA Music Awards The Sunpilots are a band that cannot be ignored. Super-charging their way across mainland Europe with 160 shows, 17 festivals and hardly time to stop for a re-fuel, The Sunpilots have arrived and ’King Of The Sugarcoated Tongues’ is no better introduction to the world of this truly inspirational and innovative musical group...

The band has just recently finished a tour in France and Poland and were in the UK for the first time in March.

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