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HealeyIsland Not Afternoon, But Evening

Not Afternoon, But Evening
New Album Out Now On White Label Music.
Light Music meets Dark Electronica.
An atmosphere of smokey, electronic, down-at-heel cabaret. Elements of warm jazz and light music mixed with close up electronic beats, basses, melodies and momentary glitches. A journey through an imaginary landscape of run down ballrooms, dance halls and clubs, through lives and stories.
HealeyIsland is the one man electronic music project of Cornwall based musicalist and composernaut Greg Healey. An exploration of where genres meet and collide, a place where dark Electronica meets Light Music, the music is deliberately diverse and eclectic in its reference points. HealeyIsland’s new album, Not Afternoon, But Evening, is available on White Label Music as a CD from October 27th. The label’s official site is . White Label Music is run by former Add N to (x) front woman Ann Shenton and Marc Hunter.
His previous album, ‘West of Here is West of Here’, is also available on White Label Music (WLM 087). Influences are as diverse as Jarvis Cocker, Frank Zappa, Hawkwind, Can, Aphex Twin, Kraftwerk, Burt Bacharach and a host of others from the worlds of jazz and electronic music.