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The Veta Corps - FOOT SOLDIERS

The Veta Corps

Single: Foot Soldiers (Because)

B-side: Funf  / Bonus Tracks : Metrics I  ( Acoustic) / Foot Soldiers ( Full Album version) (Download/ Self release)
Stream & download the free B-side - Metrics here

Album: My City - out now (physical/download)

The Veta Corps are a London based three piece indie rock band: Matt Harris (lead vocal, guitar, piano), Thorin Radford (bass guitar, vocals) and Chris Handsley (guitar, vocals). "Foot Soldiers" is their follow up single to last autumns debut "You Never Notice" which saw acclaimed recognition from Amazing Radio, BFBS radio, Q radio, This Is Fake DIY along with favourable reviews from Right Chord Music and Live Music Scene.

Lead vocalist Matt's warm but lost sounding vocal depicts tales of confusion and anger; however the sound isn't engulfed with darkness through the joyful sounding contrasts of layered harmonies, piano and synths. There is lightness to the melancholy as they create epic soaring soundscapes with long instrumentals swaying towards a progressive sound. Quitting high pressure city jobs and throwing this energy into their music created a whole new artistic life style for them, and the band have created a sense of belonging and the Veta Corps want you to belong and be part of their movement.

The emotion of this journey is laid bare when the band perform live as the atmospheric sound transmits just as well and they have played at many key London venues including Barfly, Garage, 229, Dublin Castle & Water Rats. The Veta Corps have plans for follow up releases and a second album in 2012 along with a regional UK tour....

Their debut album "My City" was recorded in Matt's home studio, mixed in Vancouver, mastered at Abbey Road and is an exploration of how often people choose the easy route and follow the money and routine rather than following their ambitions and taking chances.

There is something about Matt's bitter sweet vocals and the groups layered harmonies that remind us of Thom Yorke's brothers old band 'Unbelievable Truth.' That surely is reason enough to keep your eye on The Veta Corps - Right Chord Music - Sept  2011

"a multi-faceted journey through the wasteland of modern recession-era city life that reaches a crescendo with sky-scraping guitars and crystal harmonies"- Music News album review - Ben Hillman- Aug 2011

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