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The Given Motion

The Given Motion emerges from the predictable and fashionable, creating songs that are not only edgy, but dangerously catchy and profound.

The Given Motion - It's So Clear

Fronted by the powerful and dynamic C.J. Schiatta and backed by a band that favors grooves and hooks over effects and samples, The Given Motion seek to return rock music to a real experience that connects with people through records and live performance. Their intensity live, never fails to engender a following and an understanding that – this band is for real and has no fad by which to die.

Formed in Patchogue, New York in the summer of 2008, The Given Motion was a distant concept preceded by an undeniable energy and creative force, one that has sustained the band through triumph and hardship to their 1st record, Human Dictionary which is available on One Alliance Records in April 2012.

The Given Motion lets it’s talent do the talking, honing themselves on writing music that only comes when it’s good and ready. Human Dictionary promises to give the listener what they want to hear from a Long Island-born group: an unrestrained perspective, without the filler.

The Given Motion strive to give the most to their fans, who demand more than singles (while many acts scurry for the mainstream at the expense of the greater work). The band is constantly at work creating something new and honest. So long as our lives keep changing, you can count on the band to “Give Motion” to the tired and always leave you with something original.

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