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Feldspar - Shadow
Label - Green Tape Records

For a band whose live show includes electric blues solos, high-octane folk barnstormers, and bitingly satirical lyrics that reference everything from Chaucer to Christopher Hitchens, ‘Shadow’ is an intriguing first release.

It’s a song that whispers, rather than shouts, and shows that Feldspar are a band to be listened to, not overheard.

Singer and lyricist Will Green tackles the subject of urban isolation with originality and skill. He says it’s a song of “quiet anger about struggling to make yourself heard and having the ability to listen in a city of many voices where talk is cheap.”

Feldspar are fronted by Will Green, and with Ben Lloyd-Evans on Keys, Tom West double bass, James  Forster on electric guitar, and Jon Ormston on kit and percussion.

Drawing on storytelling influences from the folk revivalists such as Leonard Cohen, Paul Simon, and Neil Young, but also referencing the sounds of acts such as Nick Cave, Radiohead, Laura Marling and Jeff Buckley, Feldspar’s debut release is the start of the dark side of the most recent folk revival. There’s no froth, no plinky ukuleles, and no songs about adolescent heartache. Feldspar write serious and beautiful songs with real meaning which will delight old rockers, young nerds, housewives, and regular gig goers alike.  

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