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In theory, the thought of the fusion musical minds from different Yorkshire based bands of varied genres, could be a car crash, a total disaster, and the likelihood of their collaboration being anything more than interesting or just different, never mind being a commercial success is very slim to say the least.

However, just like the random meeting of Lennon and McCartney who's combined writing ability was the main reason for the success of the world famous FAB 4, fate took control when Danny Sharp and Joe Sefton, two influential members of Leeds punk band Guns on the Roof, recruited Dead Pets brass man, Stash, and the solid rhythm section of local N.R.T. drummer Dickie Mint and an old School friend Tom 'Chomp' Chapman on Bass to form an exciting quintet ready to set the world on fire! 

New impressive material quickly took shape from this very tight, competent, fresh act with catchy stabbing brass parts and hooky chorus lines. All that was lacking was a unique lead vocalist with a strong visual image to add to the energetic set of musicians already in place. Exit the FAB 5, enter the dragon vocals of gravely blues singer Jordan Clark to make the line up complete. 

Well crafted memorable songs with a live show bouncing with energy has become their trademark. What can only be described as brass driven indie rock n roll with hints of ska and soul for good measure, something special has been born like you've never seen or heard before. After only two low key warm up gigs,they sold out the 'Cockpit' and took the roof off! They're now out and about delivering more sweet music to your ears and putting a smile on strangers' faces with their brand of unique indie rock.

Their live show puts the 'fun' into funtastic and is worth every ounce of sweat you will shed whilst enduring a 'crowd workout' This is the new breed......Ladies and gentlemen this is Benson.

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