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Brand new single ‘Red Lipstick’ from soul diva Victoria Wilson James arrives the same month as her newest collaboration with Miami house music royalty Murk.

“...I see it as a snapshot, a preview of my one-woman-show, in the form of a song...” says the former Soul II Soul star. “...I wanted to do something bold, which both dramatizes and pokes fun at the life of an entertainer...”.

The track started out life as a short film, directed by Karl Grady, and really does provide the basis for Victoria’s forthcoming show of the same name. The show describes the peaks and valleys of a star with a career spanning over three decades.

It’s an honest account of Victoria’s life in the arts. Her musical expression settles and comforts her. You could say music is her salvation. This song (and the show to follow) responds with blistering honesty, yet comedically to the ups and downs of life in the creative industries.

Sure, she’s had more knocks than a crack dealer's door, plus all her triumphs of course, but like her coach, the late great Phil Moore, used to say: "Duchess, you do what you do as an artist and let the critics of the world do what they do and never the twain shall meet." And her personal favorite: “It doesn't matter how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get up!" And Victoria is still standing tall!
Ms Wilson James strives to send an affirmative message of being a showbiz survivor, all the while her tongue planted firmly in her fabulous cheek!

We’ve gone old school on this one and are releasing the single as a double A-side, with the blinding, super-melodic and fabulous ‘Increase The Pressure’, co-written by Mr C from The Shamen!

‘Die 4 U’ is a similarly bold track but of a very different vain. Murk are at the top of their game and Victoria’s fierce vocal compliments the record brilliantly!

‘Red Lipstick/Increase The Pressure’, with exclusive remix from Terry Farley,
out June 18th on Basquiat Beats.

‘Die 4 U’ with MURK out June 3rd on Nervous Records.

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