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Erica Wexler announces free MP3 giveaway via her official website

Orchestral-pop songstress Erica Wexler has announced a free MP3 giveaway of a new track, Flesh, at her brand new official website.

Erica has just completed her debut album Sunlit Night, executive produced by XTC's Andy Partridge, and mixed by Andy Bradfield (Rufus Wainwright, Elbow, David Gray). The record is due out in September 2012, with the EP and lead single Wildflowers, out on June 25th.

Erica Wexler has lived a life that’s full and always done it her own way. She has poured her experiences into her debut album, Sunlit Night - released September 3rd on Folly Music.

Talking of the song Flesh, Wexler says;
“It’s a song that I hope will inspire procreation and a good time for all. It was great fun to record, there’s Middle Eastern percussion and endless real vocal pads of my voice that I hope will make the song feel like a sensual scented bath for you and another special body.”

Erica was girlfriend to pop artist Roy Lichtenstein for 2 and a half years. She was the inspiration for introducing nudes into Lichtenstein’s work. Sunlit Nightwas funded by the sale of some Lichtenstein drawings given to her by the artist. She still has an interesting collection of unique mementos from this period.


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