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De Montevert debut album "Vänner & Ovänner / Friends & Enemies"

De Montevert is finally done recording the debut album "Vänner & Ovänner / Friends & Enemies". The 12 track album will be released on CD, Vinyl and digital on September 26th.

The album includes the previous singles "Skyll på mig" and "Du kommer ångra dig", the album is also bilangual, sung in both Swedish and English.

The first single from the album is titled "Jag vill ha mer" and is out on September 3.

Artist: De Montevert
Title: Vänner & Ovänner/Friends & Enemies
Cat no: Nomethod 71
Release date: September 26 - 2012

01. Stopp
02. Du kommer ångra dig
03. High on you
04. Pinsamt
05. Skyll på mig
06. Cat Jones
07. Positive effects
08. Rebel yell
09. Jag vill ha mer
10. Within
11. Monster
12. The Ghost

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