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Shifting Buffalo

Shifting Buffalo releases his new single “Step By Step”
Available through iTunes, Amazon, and all major download sites.

The man behind Shifting Buffalo is Ben Fuller, a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and songwriter who has been writing and recording music for over 25 years.

The project known as ‘Shifting Buffalo’ came into existence in 2005, but it was in 2007 that things really began to take off when Ben joined an Immersion Composition Society group, known as the Burning Lodge, the object of which is to regularly indulge in 'immersion composition', i.e. to write music solidly for a 12-hour session, with the aim of producing up to 20 new songs at a time.
A selection of the many hundreds of songs written as part of this process formed the basis of the EP ‘Wrong!’ (released 2008) and the debut album ‘Carpe Diem, baby’ (2011).

Before ‘Shifting Buffalo’, Ben was the frontman of indie-rock trio Xabbortschz, who achieved acclaim as a feisty live act on the Essex music scene in the 1990s. 
Ben has also collaborated with fellow Burning Lodge member, Ben Dalby, providing keyboards and backing vocals on his recent singles Dr Can, Champagne and Tact.

Amongst his musical influences, Ben cites a wide range of artists spanning many genres, including Crowded House, REM, Pink Floyd, Muse, Roddy Frame and anything involving Dave Grohl, as well as several 19th and 20th century classical composers.
This perhaps explains why it is hard to pin down the exact genre of his music, which he describes as ‘post-prog/indie/folk/pop/rock’.

2012 has already proved to be an exciting year, with many hugely successful live performances leading up to the release of the new single Step by Step.
And there are many more great new songs in the pipeline.

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