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A Banquet


Three young and talented guys from Prague, living in one old flat, more than two years of hard work and one dream – to become one of the first indie bands from the Czech Republic to succeed abroad. A Banquet managed to record a pathbreaking debut album, which connects 80s synth-pop, grunge and a lot more, working with a renowned producer and the father of grunge Steve Albini (Nirvana, PJ Harvey, Pixies,..) in Chicago and with a leading Czech producer Boris Carloff in Prague. The album, which was considered one of the most anticipated in CZ for this year, was released on 3rd of April 2012 and is ready to give you a new Breath in the flood of the new names.

Mathieu (vocals, guitars, lyrics), Michael (bass, synths) and Richard (drums) founded A Banquet in autumn 2009 after they had split from their previous bands, because they wanted to do music full-time. They named the band A Banquet (after The Rolling Stones’ album entitled Beggars Banquet and Bloc Party’s song called Banquet), worked hard for 2 years in a rehearsal room as well as in studio and now Czech media refer to the band as one of the hottest candidate for a newcomer of the year and their debut album was acclaimed by most of the music magazines and Czech daily newspapers.

The album consists of 11 tracks and is called Breath. "Be brief, the album is raw and melodic," says bassist Michael. Six tracks were recorded in November 2011 in Chicago at Albini’s studio Electrical Audio. "I think I was most impressed by his amazing overview and professionalism. He knew exactly where to dig for the sound that we needed. We also learned many things about the sound itself and brought some new pedals from Chicago," recounts Michael band’s experiences. The second half of the album was recorded in Prague with Boris Carloff. The result is a unique mix of sharp grunge guitars, electro sounds, mainly influenced by 80s synth-pop, and Mathieu’s specific voice. A Banquet call their style futu-roll  to express all the influences with only one word.

First single from the album accompanied with a new music video, partially shot in Chicago, is called Far Away. For a couple of weeks it’s been scoring in several Czech music charts including the biggest one (T-Music Chart).

We’re very grateful for every new fan. Our greatest desire is still the same, from the very beginning – to succeed abroad and tour Europe – that would be awesome!” uncovers Mathieu band’s wishes. “We hope people will enjoy our album, we put our best into it. Hopefully we’ll have a chance to meet each other at our gigs all across the Europe!” he adds.

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