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Tom Moriarty

Tom Moriarty new single 'Don't Ask Why' via Driftwood Records

Two years ago Tom was wearing a suit and tie, working the nine to five stint in the City of London, but it wasn’t the life wanted by this classically trained singer-songwriter. All around him the financial system was crumbling down and, determined to convey his message that things needed to change, Tom turned to songwriting.

Out of this turmoil came the album ‘Fire In The Doll’s House’ – essentially a protest album about the state of the world today.
Since its release, the album has received critical acclaim, with 4 stars from Q Magazine, Guitarist and Maverick, while Tom has been play listed on national radio and become a regular guest on BBC regional radio stations.

As a youngster, Tom played in front of the Queen and for the Prime Minister but after extensive musical training and a stint of studying in the US, family responsibilities drew him into the world of business.

He explains: “It was like being in the desert but I knew I’d make it out some day.I never gave up and always kept writing. It’s good to be back.”

The 11 self-penned songs show that the best things really do come to those who wait as it is his life experiences that have shaped his writing.

He states his case on the title track ‘Fire In The Doll’s House’: “It’s about how everyone seems to be blind to what’s going on. I suppose you could call it a wake up call. I’m just saying things have got to change.”

Tom’s songs also touch on personal experiences and reflections of past relationships so if the protest songs don’t rock your world, you are sure to relate to his distinctive songs about past love.

Tom is currently working on a book on behalf of Occupy – the movement helping to fight for those that are suffering following the banking collapse of 2008.

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