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New single Agoraphobia
Release date Aug 2nd

Blabbermouth, aka Steve Thompson, burst on to the UK  music scene in 2008. After leaving university with a degree in Fine Art, ever  the gambler, Steve struggled to be an ‘artist’ in the city and so he buried  his paintbrushes when he won £250 at the casino and invested in a 12-string  guitar. Despite having to trade his guitar on numerous occasions for rent, his  talent, wit and love of songwriting has flourished.

“Blabbermouth has a hell of a voice and writes a  hell of a song…an absolutely impelling single…..and absolutely original  sound….the song of a man who might just be the next great thing.”  

5 ***** Music News

"Pretty darn impressive"
Simon Williams -  Fierce Panda

Being a ‘continous cruiser’ and travelling through his  adult life from places such as Cheddington to Uxbridge, stopping off at  Camden, Little Venice, Denham and the Paddington Basin, Steve spends his life  living, and work travelling the UK to gigs and radio, all on his beloved  narrowboat!

Word in the industry spread and Blabbermouth was  signed to Hobgoblin Records for an album deal and Steve went to war against  the mediocrity of the acoustic world by arming himself with a banjo, 6-string  guitar, percussionist and bassist. Numerous festival performances ensued  including The Crawley Folk Festival supporting Seth Lakeman and The Sidmouth  Folk Festival where Steve wowed the capacity crowd with his banter and  uncompromising songwriting, a performance that become the stuff of You Tube  legend. Later that same year he produced one of the finest debut album’s of  2008  ‘My Dancing Heart’.

"Very nice indeed"
Mike Joyce - The  Smiths

Blabbermouth has seen music from his debut album "My  Dancing Heart", which was produced by Ian Shaw, receive airplay on numerous  BBC regional and BBC6 Music stations. High profile fans include BBC6’s Tom  Robinson and Radio 2’s Janice Long. Other stations to quickly pick  up on this burgeoning talent included BBC Wales, BBC Derby, BBC Essex and BBC  West Counties radio. He has also performed numerous live radio acoustic  including a BBC radio tour in late 2008.

"Absolutely gorgeous"
Janice Long - BBC R2 

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