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Múm unveil new video for Candlestick taken from their 6th album 'Smilewound' out now on Morr Music


Múm have revealed a new video for the swooning, melodic beauty that is 'Candlestick.'

About the video the band wrote:
"The original idea behind Candlestick video is based around a mask made of embroided crochet that Silla (singer Sigurlaug Gísladóttir) wore. Eerily close to her own face, the mask becomes anamorphic and skewed when it becomes the face of the big hulky character of the video. The imagery is based on the painted lines that are such a distinctive quality in the street pattern of downtown Reykjavik. This playful distortion of the basic perception of the Reykjavik street and the puerile act of ringing a doorbell and running away, lie at the heart of the video.”

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