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Diarmaid O Meara
Diarmaid O Meara – DJ/Producer and Label Owner

With the year coming to a close... And with almost thirty track releases across a dozen labels in 2010 alone, the explosion of his Gobsmacked label which is gearing up for its 70th release, the kick off and wide broadcasting of Gobsmacked’s new Podcast Series, guestings on some of the worlds top Techno shows, the dropping of his critically acclaimed “Structured Noise” album and more gigs than you can shake a stick at..... 2010 was definitely Diarmaid’s busiest year yet... But 2011 is looking to be insanely busy to the point of excess.

With almost a dozen releases already planned for early 2011, including a remix of one of the biggest Techno tracks of all time ‘Space DJz Ak47’ and his own remix release which will include almost two dozen global producers and hero’s, his Gobsmacked label will be looking towards its 100th release celebration at the end of the year and with every release becoming more and more profillic, this looks to be a major blow out. Also, Gobsmacked Sessions, the podcast series/radio broadcast show started alongside other Gobsmacked member Luke Creed has been gaining momentum with growing re-broadcasts on FM and digi stations worldwide. Not to mention, the kicking off of the new Gobsmacked Mastering service in conjunction with Neptune Studio’s Berlin and the legendary Patrick DSP. 

Nierich – Black Hole (Diarmaid O Meara Remix) - Gobsmacked
Diarmaid O Meara – Remix’s - Gobsmacked
Vegim – Addicted to Sin (Diarmaid O Meara Remix) - Tmmr
Diarmaid O Meara - Gobsmacked 070 – Gobsmacked
Space Djz – Ak47 (Diarmaid O Meara Remix) – Potential Recordingz
Mike Humphries – Tactical Recon (Diarmaid O Meara Remix) Mastertraxx
Luke Creed – Atron (Diarmaid O Meara Remix) – Elextrax Rec
Diarmaid O Meara - Some Tings – Corrupt systems
Darren Rice – M9 (Diarmaid O Meara Remix) – Heavy Reel
Diarmaid O Meara – Gobsmacked 060 - Gobsmacked
Diarmaid O Meara – Maxx 020 The Source – Mastertraxx
Vegim – The Rioter (Diarmaid O Meara remix) – Tmmr
Pet Shop Boys – Rent (Alexander Price Rewerk – Diarmaid O Meara Remix) - Unknown
Diarmaid O Meara – Disco Murderer Remix’s – Gobsmacked
Decibel Flekx – This Connection (Diarmaid O Meara Remix) – Assimilation Rec
Diarmaid O Meara – Ripcord – Gobsmacked
Various Artists – Gobsmacked 050 Compilation – Gobsmacked
Diarmaid O Meara – Selfish Bass Ep – Gobsmacked
Diarmaid O Meara – Fatal Error – Potential Recodingz
Various Artists – Around the World Ep – Now We Do Recordingz
Diarmaid O Meara – Gobsmacked 045 – Gobsmacked

“One of techno’s brightest new stars” Tillate Magazine Jan 2010
  A three turntable wizard with a flair for the unexpected, Irish techno peddler, DJ, producer and owner of Gobsmacked Records, Diarmaid O Meara, is a name that has quite rightly been etched into the minds of a sizeable and ever growing chunk of Europe’s even more sizeable and ever growing Techno cult.   After an intensive and highly successful number of years with acclaimed releases across numerous labels, being branded at the beginning of 2009 as ‘One to Watch’ by M8 magazine and “One of Techno’s brightest new stars” in early 2010 by Tilllate Magazine,being featured in a myriad of music magazines including Notion, Tilllate, CORE, DJ Mag and I-DJ Magazine, Connected, ezines, national and global radio stations, TV channels, endless collaborations and a massive, hectic gigging schedule alongside his uniquely intense, energetic and entertaining style of three turntable techno mash up sets , Diarmaid has proven himself to be up there with his peers and one of the best in his field to emerge in recent years.  

“intelligent and timeless techno!”
Side-Line Magazine  
“An essential for all techno heads” Core Magazine  
“So good I was actually Gobsmacked” Notion Magazine  

Since his first vinyl release in 2006, Diarmaid’s style has been grabbing massive attention with releases across a myriad labels, an endless remix list, regular track support from Dave Clarke, Dj Rush, Cj Bolland and countless giants of electronic music, almost constant airplay across UK and European radio stations, including BBC Radio 1, White Noise, ATL Dance Show, Absolute Technoise, RTE Radio, KISS FM, NRJ Radio, DI – FM, XFM while also guest mixing and broadcasting exclusive sessions for most of these stations and many more including Dave Clarke’s White Noise, Clash Music Magazine’s Series, Dr Hoffmanns Blindspot, Mastertraxx etc and bringing his intense mixing style to clubs and radios across Europe. Live European dates have included a myriad of European cities with regular appearances in his current stomping ground of Berlin… Not to mention his new Gobsmacked Berlin Sessions Podcast Series which has been pushing artists big and small since mid 2010 through several global radio/digital stations.
As one of the UK and Irelands busiest techno producers and releasers, his collaborations and remixes to date include hero’s like Robert Armani, Space DJz, Patrick DSP etc, and his recently released album “Structured Noise” was nominated forBest Album and his label Gobsmacked for Best Label in the Irish dance music awards 2010. With a broad spectrum of projects constantly on the horizon, he has also numerous and continuous upcoming releases across some of the genre’s finest labels, not to mention his own Gobsmacked label, which is just celebrating a colossal 70th release 

One of the most important contemporary artists in the field of electronic music" Sorted Noise

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