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The Toronto Drug Bust - NOT only rock'n'roll (currently under construction)

A Slovene-Finnish collaboration. It's not Patria. It's not only rock'n'roll. It's The Toronto Drug Bust.

The Toronto Drug Bust
started life in the summer of 2007 in London, where Slovenian musican Izak Kosir (Sir Izak K.O.) met with Canadian guitarist Rich Ragany (now The Role Models) and rock renegade Neil Leyton. They recorded some ten songs in a London studio, including the very first version of The Dandy Song. A year later this unique international project got new life with Finland's own Rami Helin (ex-Turku Romantic Movement). Izak & Rami knew each other from TRM's gigs in Slovenia. But now it was time for TDB.

In the summer of 2008 Helin took the role of the producer of the TDB's debut album Enfant Terrible. In Ljubljana they recorded 11 of Izak's songs, 9 of which ended up on the record. They gathered some kick-ass rock'n'roll musicians from Slovenia, Finland, Sweden and one even from Australia. Among them Izak's brother guitarist Tadej Kosir, bassist Jernej Krzic - Nietzsche and slide guitarist & bluesman Miso Drobez, all from Slovenia. From Finland Rami Helin (who played quite a lot of guitars on the CD), Joonas Granquist (keyboards), Heikki Rasi (percussion) and Juho Viljanen (trombone). Sweden's Mikael Lundin a.k.a. Micke Ghost laid down some serious guitars on Cigar Superstar and In Line.

The Toronto Drug Bust's debut album Enfant Terrible was then mixed in Helsinki's Kick Out The Jams! studio and mastered by Henkka Niemsto at Chartmakers. The record was released in March 2010 by Slovenian label Sedvex Records and made quite an impact on the scene - reviews, articles and interviews were state in all major Slovenian media. A music video was recorded for the opening song The Best of Me, which features Izak and Rami walking down the streets of Ljubljana. The video was also played by MTV Adria. Radio single If You Were Mine was song of the week on the most popular Slovenian (national) radio Val 202 and their songs (The Dandy Song, Cigar Superstar, If You Were Mine) were peaking at the top of the charts at Somojo internet radio for months. Somojo Magazine even put them on the cover in September 2009, that was even before TDB's official album release.

International website & internet radio Somojo presented TDB with an award for Best Rock Band of 2010, they were also runners-up for Band of the Year award. The band also signed a contract with American label Cauldron Soundwerx and now Enfant Terrible is available on, CD Baby and all other major retailers.

A local version of the band (which includes Izak on lead vocals) hit the concert stages in Slovenia in December of 2010. In February Rami Helin joined them centre-stage at Ljubljana's Kino Siska. They played to a packed club venue. In the spring and summer The Toronto Drug Bust will play all major festivals in Slovenia and will start recording a new album. And in March TDB will play a few shows in Finland.

TDB IN THE MEDIA - what they wrote about them in Slovenia and elsewhere ...

"Slovenian scene is richer for an honest, energetic and world-class rock band." (Mojca Plevel, SiOL website)

"There are not a lot of excesses on the Slovenian music scene. But every now and then there is an exception. I'm talking about the new "drug" on the Slovene scene called The Toronto Drug Bust." (, Poslušamo za vas)

"Enfant Terrible is definately one of the brightest Slovenian releases this year." (Zdenko Matoz, Delo newspaper)

"TDB accomplished a lot in a very short time."  (Monika Kubelj, Reporter magazine)

"Will this the band that will fulfill many promises of past Slovenian band that claimed that will make it abroad?"  (Narobe magazine)

"Enfant Terrible is a bright spark and hope for the future."  (Elvira Mise, Reporter)

"TDB's Enfant Terrible undoubtably made a mark on the Slovenian scene. The band has great potencial to make it on the international market as well."  (Bill Kapelj, Pilot magazine)

"This is one of five bands that I have heard thus far in my life that makes me want to shout “OH MY GOD, this is awesome. Not one song on this album even remotely sucks, they’re all great. I couldn’t pick a favorite if you held a gun to my head, they’re all different.  This is another of those bands that demands a listen."   (Ashley L. Pieciak, Somojo Magazine)

"A 9-song debut that perfectly showcases the breadth and variety of Izak's songwriting, from the mid-tempo radio rock of "The Best of Me" to the balls-out rock n roll of "The Dandy Song", passing through the disco-tinged "Rated B1" that evokes the Stones' disco era, to what is perhaps the best track on the record: "The Death of Romance" is all Velvet Goldmine motion picture Bowiesque feyness, with the necessary lyrical tragedy to raise this debut to a level of depth beyond Izak's few years."  (Fading Ways Music Store)

"A fair and direct hit of rock'n'roll." (Zdenko Matoz, Delo newspaper - review of the Ljubljana concert)

"The eregetic highlight of the show was the song If You Were Mine. It came to life with its full rock'n'roll - the kind that is pure in its existance and is spontanious in the course of its own sound. The packed venue was rocking its hips."   (Jasmina Jessa Hlaj,, Ljubljana concert review)

"TDB stand out in the flood of music genres with a genuine rock sound, which makes us believe that the bend members borrowed a lot of  Rolling Stones cassettes from their dads in childhood and that they were losing themselves in the magic labyrinth with David Bowie on purpose. Although ingoring the elektronic sounds, it cannot be held against them that they are stuck in a time. With a fusion of dandysm and modern romance they are exploring human relationships and creating a unique modern sound."     (Ursa Bitenc, presentation text for Kino Siska gig)

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