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Recorded on a vintage microphone especially purchased by Bryan Addams and known in the industry as "The Celine Dion mic" Rent was recoreded as a collaboration between Price and acclaimed producer Ben Dobie (whose numerous and diverse production collaborations include Bryan Addams, Natalie Imbruglia, Sugababes and a commisioned remix for the new Kylie Minogue single as well as working with the much respected thrillerJill production team on hits for Bananarama and Dannii Minogue)
Price grew up in a conservative and somewhat suppresive mining town in South Yorkshire. A defining moment in his career arrived in 2001 when as a 13 year old he was diagnosed with Dyspraxia, a motor control illness which affects co-ordination. Price’s therapist advised him to take up dance to improve his movement and co-ordination and his path to pop prince-dom began. A natural performer his extrodinary talent for dance landed him at the Sylvia Young Theatre School in London, the bright eyed teenager trained alongside the like of Billie Piper,Amy Winehouse and Eliza Doolittle,appearing in the usual run of t.v commercials,pop videos and dance shows. His wanderlust meant he was dissatisfied with the sacarine and regimented nature of stage school and felt a leaning towards more rebelious strands of performance. The stage school rebel frequented many of the capitals most talked about nightclubs. It was on the club scene that Price`s wild dance floor antics would earn him money as a gogo dancer,a proffesion which would pay his rent. The nightclub scene was also where Price would meet musical and performative collaborators.Initally developing as a performance artist and making his debut at Amy Lame`s much loved Duckie at The Vauxhall Tavern before gracing the stage at Heaven,Mark Moores night Electro gogo at Madame JoJos, KOKO and Brixton Accadamy.

‘Something quite spectacular Alexander Price has caused quite a sensation’
Gaydar Radio

2009 saw his first official single with thehit e.p In The City which has recieved frequent international exposure on radio stations including BBC Radio in the UK, RTE in Ireland, and Australia`s Joy 94.9 and lead to a profile in music industry bible Music Week and as well as TV plays in Canada of his video on the BPM tv channel. Price has performed before a gaggle of inspired celebrities at uber cool clubs around London including Divine Incest performing with the legendary DJ Princess Julia,Your Mums House at Punk Soho with DJ Larry Tee and as support for one of Prices own inspirations the fashion designer/musician Pam Hogg at The Luminaire. In the last year he has created the capitals most talked about and hotly anticipated live experiences, incorporating his wild female dance troupe The Designer Babies who combine high energy and a visually stunning choreography, wearing stage clothes which Price himself has designed. Alexander Price is London’s hottest property in the music scene right now. A high energy elctro pop prince awaiting to be crowned as the new king of electro pop.

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