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Born out of struggling, kicked in the back, falling into trouble from the bottom to the top.’ (Papa is a Rudie)

Dubwiser know about playing live music; from back street dives to stadiums, they have played the lot. Working for and supporting the biggest names in reggae, has taught them a lot about struggling and also how to be noticed. They put the struggle into music, four people from diverse backgrounds, they have the thread of music in common. It is their passion.

The band is a platform for some of the many young artists that Dubwiser have come across. Collectively they want you to know that this is the band that they love and live for. They all believe in the genuine healing power of music and know that Dubwiser can play it.

‘A Crack in Paradise’ was born out of several recording sessions and discussions between the band and their guest artists. The aim was to create an album that takes in a sweeping history of black music in the UK. To the fore is a love of songwriting shot through with rap punctuation. Backing this is a remarkable mix of gritty London roots and Oxfordshire electronica. Odes to the joys of bicycle riding are followed by narratives about being in gaol. A cheerful love of organic food sits alongside a fierce chant about the changing face of racism.

Paul Tadman, from a family of Convent Garden barrow boys and Spider Johnson, an absolute go to musician and producer in both UK reggae and hip hop, provide the urban landscape. Malcolm Atkins, an inveterate improviser and Rastaman, Jonas Torrance bring a countryside consciousness which blends into a heavy and joyous romp all the way up the M40.

Dubwiser are a four piece reggae band who have played individually and collectively with many renowned artists (Lee Perry, Madness, The Mad Professor) The band are joined on A Crack in Paradise by artists such as Miss Megumi (Ska Cubano), Dave Cosmics (Zion Train), Fusion (Fusion and Fallacy), Nick Moorbath (Ride) and Scrutineer (Execution Squad), to create a unique and very exciting modern blend of live roots reggae and rap.
The whole album is mixed by Spider Johnson, an award winning producer who recently produced Kila Kela’s album ‘Elocution’ for Sony and recorded and co-wrote the first ever Jungle number one ‘Original Nutter’ By UK Apache.

‘The Harlem Globetrotters of the Oxford Scene’

‘Solid roots bass lines with the sort of natural harmonies that would make Morgan Heritage weep.’
Radio Oxford

Duwiser are
Jonas: Vocals, drums and percussion
Spider Johnson Etienne: Drums, vocals, guitar and production
Malcolm Atkins: Keyboards and violin
Tads: Bass



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