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Model Society - Systematic

Systematic is the 1st single from London's Model Society Produced by Paul Tipler (Placebo, Idlewild.) the single is out now.


Model Society - Systematic


Model Society came together in the offices of PRS for Music. Songwriters Danny and Stephen were sat together on a fateful afternoon and struck a chord with each other and found a common ground in the love they have for the same music…bands with identities and guitars.
Samuel and Antoine came on board to anchor the rhythm section and the Model Society juggernaut was on it's way. The band are from London Town and make alterno-pop tunes that shimmer from the old smoke itself.  They create a quintessentially British sound that captures the past and brings it bang up to date with a nod to the influences of Blur to Bloc Party and The Smiths to Stone Roses.
“Model Society remind me of a eclectic mix between The Smiths and Bloc Party…. band you will soon be uttering from your lips” All Gigs
“Just knew I was going to like them when I saw their influences. A really exciting sound, certainly be keeping an eye on them” Jim Gellatly

The guys are armed with a strong identity and craft for song writing, something you can hear as soon as you catch one of their songs. They brim with a confidence and self assurance not seen since the Britpop days. The songs grab you from the intro and don’t let you go till the last note is viciously struck in a punk vain, often clocking in before the 3 minute mark. Their lyrics are a social commentary and satire on contemporary suburban British life, with choruses guaranteed to get you singing along. These guys want to be heard and in short there songs are short, sharp and catchy as hell.

The band have acquired a loyal following over the past 12 months and live is where they come alive often with Singer Danny not happy to be confined to just the stage so he stalks the crowd. These shows are both melodic and riotous affairs and not to missed.
Model Society are: Danny Clare Vox/Keys, Stephen Kelly Vox/Guitars, Sam Wilkinson Drums. Antoine Richert Bass.

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