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After many trials and tribulations, the video for "Dreamdecipher" FINALLY sees the light of day!! The video was directed by Markus Rytilahti/ Ekman & Winroth! "Dreamdecipher" is taken from MISERATION's 2009 album "The Mirroring Shadow".

As for the new album, all the material - 8 songs all in all - is now ready. Christian is currently working on the vocal arrangements, which will once again be based on the brilliant lyrics of Mr. Par Johansson (Satariel, The Few Against Many). He on his part, has based his lyrics on a conceptual theme, worked out by Christian and him.

This album will be the first one with Oscar Nilsson behind the drum kit and man, just judging by his efforts on the pre-productional stuff, you may rest assured that this album will contain some insanely cool drumming! However, being in between drummers sort of, when shooting the video for "Dreamdecipher", it does not feature Oscar Nilsson behind the kit. Instead Gustav Elowson (Exhale) - a good friend of the band - was kind enough filling in.

The recordings will start in February 2012, at the MT studios in Trollhattan/Sweden, with producer Marko Tervonen (The Crown) at the helm.


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