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How To Make It In Music 2
Written by musicians for musicians, this 300 page must-have magbook reveals the core information every serious artist should know when trying to make their mark on the music scene. This revised 2nd edition provides an understanding of the business vital to make it in music.

Although the title of this magbook may suggest it contains the secret that all the people who audition for X-factor are looking for, there is not a magic formula for success in any business.
What this book does contain is lots of useful information, (some a little basic and if you’re in a band or making music you should know it already) and enough subjects are covered for most people to learn something.
There are contact lists of Festivals, Managers, Music Lawyers, Music publishers, Record labels, Recording studios, Venues & Promoters across the UK, radio stations that play unsigned music and a feature about making your own cd and getting your music out there. Yes, you could search the internet and probably find all this information yourself, but why bother when it’s already been done for you and you don’t have to worry about remembering to bookmark the websites!
At £7.99 it won’t break the bank and there is something in there for everyone.
Pick up your copy from W.H. Smiths, Borders, online from or

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