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Secondhand Language by Pndc and Housework

This is the second regular PNDC’s album.

Basically, we may say that the music on this CD is influenced by various sounds of the 80s but also there’s quite a modern touch present in the songs; PNDC continues to deliver us fresh and intelligent tunes as we expected from him. An important difference between his debut album and this CD lies in the quality of sound and in a greater depth of experimentation in the dark pop passages. For example: tunes like «Lost messages», «Shut my soul» or «Pilots» and «What’s the harm» are somewhat pop oriented and show us that pndc is quite qualified to make catchy tunes, but, of course, in his own dark, melancholic and depressed way. On the other hand, if you focus on tunes like «Animal farm», «The buzz» or 10 min. piece «The fix» you’ll know for sure where the roots of his music come from and how Predrag and housework are compatible, even though they’ve never met face to face. The album was made at PNDC’s studio in Belgrade-Serbia, Aug ‘08-Feb ‘09. After he finished his part of work, music files were sent to Athens-Greece, by the internet to housework’s studio where he made vocal parts and other stuff: some guitars, melodica, few synth lines....  Also, we as pndc’s label are very proud of his other collaborations. Greek singer Marina Skiadaresi, aka Shadowlike,  appears on two songs »Pilots» and «Goodnight». Her amazing, dreamy vocal gives a totally new dimension to this CD. Then, Harold Nono, musician and painter from Scotland, contributed a remix of «Shut my soul»; French musician Laurent_ remixed «30.000 feet». So, instead of a conclusion, we would ask you to try to find some extra time and give a chance to this record. Maybe you’ll find this CD interesting enough to write something about it, or, at least, enjoy in PNDC’s creations.

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