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Mass Assembly
Mass Assembly’s self-titled EP (February 27, 2010) is a five song indie/garage/pop punk rockin’ roll call to wake up and accept reality.

Each song is a testament to life laid out on the most accessible, tantalizing ear candy tray. Countless influences weave in and out of each craftily written song (i.e.  Stones, Bowie, Voidoids, Nirvana and everything in between, before and after, etc…).
However, Mass Assembly sounds like no other band before. The very first verse to opening track “Tranquilizer” sells the show: “I know you’ve heard this shit before/but I don’t give a shit no more/I’m tired of keeping it locked up inside me!” Well, right now Mass Assembly is definitely meant to be!
“People turn me on”, about a dangerous, reclusive stalker you might unknowingly pass on the street while your iPod shuffles you along, is, simply put, a modern day Rock‘n’Roll anthem. To the maniacally fulfilling hopelessness of Junkie Luv and the beautifully wanting despair of “Down and Away” ending with the epic psychological transformation in “Reincarnation”, the adventure delivers.  Sounds dark? Try the complete opposite. A hyper-charged yet spacious and colourful sound should secure Mass Assembly a special place in many listeners’ hearts. Let this be an introduction to a musical world of life, hope and salvation. Enjoy…

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