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The Chapman Family new video"No More Tears"

We are proud to present to you The Chapman Family's latest music video entitled "No More Tears". It was filmed by Yorkshire based filmmaker Nick Thompson in the decaying yet stunning cavernous Hulme Hippodrome in Manchester in April this year. The band and Nick searched long and hard for a suitable location and eventually settled on the Hippodrome even though it hadn't been used or cleaned since 1986, the floor was littered with pigeon carcasses and half of the the roof had collapsed.

The influences were fired in from everywhere - Dean Stockwell's character in the David Lynch film "Blue Velvet"; the red curtains from "Twin Peaks"; the bar staff from "The Shining"; Johnny Cash suited and booted; Elvis slumming it in Vegas; the string quartet on the Titanic; the finale of Rocky Horror; replicants from "Blade Runner" - and were all mangled together with flashing blue and red lights to create the most fucked up and possessed lounge band possible.

"No More Tears" is taken from the band's new EP - "Cruel Britannia" - which will be released in independent record shops and online on June 18th on Best Before Records. It's their first release since unsold copies of last years "Burn Your Town" album were destroyed in the Sony Warehouse fire in the London Riots and aims on the one hand to roar against a culture being swallowed up by idleness and intolerance and on the other to just be fucking good songs.


“Ballistic and truly awe inspiring.” NME

“Feels like a speed race through a dangerous landscape of death traps...” Artrocker

“Sinister, goth inspired, post-punk symphony.” NARC

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