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Mark Northfield video for ‘You Don’t Need Me To Tell You That’

Pianist and songwriter Mark Northfield has revealed a brand new video for his track You Don’t Need Me To Tell You That. Taken from the forthcoming album Alterations, released on July 2nd, YDNMTTYT a love song with a bit of a twist, as Northfield explains:

“You Don't Need Me To Tell You That is an antagonistic MOR duet about the confusion of love vs. physicality. The couple concerned can't agree on what love is nor whether they're in it, even whilst their bodies yearn for one another. I wanted to delve beneath those easy angsty-love-song clichés into fuzzier territory, where things appear to make a kind of sense but nothing at all is that clear-cut, and where shared language begins to fall apart. In a pleasing coincidence, the video is quite fuzzy too.”

Taking in a wide range of influences from Simon & Garfunkel, The Divine Comedy, Radiohead and Rufus Wainwright, what sets Northfield apart is his own rich sense of melodicism infused with melancholy, occasional wit and deft lyric writing.

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