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Jo Hamilton Gown Special Edition

Jo Hamilton “Gown Special Edition” review by Ashley L. Pieciak

Track listing

1.   Exist (beyond my wildest dreams)
2.   Pick me up
3.   There it is
4.   How beautiful
5.   Deeper (glorious)
6.   Paradise
7.   All in adoration
8.   Liathach
9.   Mekong song
10. Winter is over
11. Think of me
12. Bonus track- Alive, alive
13. Bonus track- Release Us (live)
14. Bonus track-Think of Me (radio mix)

Jo Hamilton has given her listeners the perfect gift for the holidays. This mix of old and new lets her long time listeners fall in love all over again.  Jo provides another treat in the full color booklet of photos from her travels.

If I had to choose just one song of hers to recommend to new listeners it would definitely be Winter is Over this tune is about shedding past hurts and moving on to new life and love. I am entirely impressed with her vocals and the whimsy of this particular song.  When you close your eyes you can see the stars and feel the warm breeze blowing across your face.  Summer love has a feeling of its own, and nothing compares. This song oozes of that feeling of wanting summer to never end.

The second best song on the album I would have to say is Think of Me as one of her bonus tracks I am very delighted that she decided to include this one.  Jo has a sound unlike anything else and this song really allows listeners to get to know and learn her sound.  Her voice is also very nicely presented on this track (and all others) and for the first time listener you almost want to climb though the screen and sit at her feet and listen to her sing.

Her voice is so magnificent that the world could go tumbling down around you and you won’t notice a thing.  I can’t imagine Jo not excelling even further than she already has in this business. She is an instant classic, meant for great (greater) things.

On one final note, be sure to look for the video of Jo playing the AirPiano , amazing stuff.


∞Ashley L. Pieciak∞

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