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Simon Jayme 'Wildlife'

Simon Jaymes 'Wildlife'
Track Listing
1. Seen Better Days
2. Wildlife
3. She’s a Lady
4. Sail Boat
5. In My head
6. River People
7. Monsters
8. Lord Knows
9. Ready
10. All The Good Love
11. Lovers
12. Dreams of Flight

Simon’s music makes me happy. The biggest reason for that is because his music is about real life. It’s not sugar coated, it’s not "life is all puppies, cotton candy, and rainbows". Nonetheless his music IS very happy.

The vocals are the best part, I love his voice, it’s very…sexy. Ladies will love the way he almost croons to you. And the band he’s got backing him up is the perfect combo. I have nothing bad to say about Simon, or this album. Well, except that I haven’t heard more of his work.

One of the best songs on the album is "Seen Better Days". I have yet to meet even one person who couldn’t relate to this song. It’s about growing older, a little gracefully than most. Backaches, hangovers, and all those little annoyances that let you know you’re not as young as you used to be. He sings about real life, and listeners completely relate to this. It’s great when an artist admits they’re a real person,
Simon leaves no doubt that he’s human.

The second best song on the album is BY FAR the title track. I can’t say enough how much I love Simon’s vocals. His voice is pure honey. Every track shows a deeper richer side of his voice and there is no
better example than this one. I get chills every time I listen and it’s also the first track I share with
everyone when I tell them about Simon.

Simon Jaymes will appeal to everyone. He just has a way with his talent that leaves you almost aching for more. I was late to work when I gave this album a first listen, it immediately went into my iPod and I can’t stop listening. I’m hooked, and I want more…please.

∞ Ashley L. Pieciak ∞
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